Bangkok’s New Italian Restaurant in Ekkamai


Sensational are most of the dishes served here, and what we love about this place is how we could pick if we want Italian gourmets or American delicacies, or both at once. When finest ingredients being turned into full-flavored fares in consonance with Lola’s recipes, that’s gold (with a frisky backdrop of pop-art palette.)


The pasta comes in indulgent options like the Cheesy Ravioli with spinach cream, green peas and parmesan.

Don’t know what to choose?
Go for the sumptuous Amazing Meatballs pasta, the name says it all.

Tastily chewy Cheesy Ravioli, of which its pasta is made of special flour and cheese with unique aroma, and hides Parmesan, cream cheese, and mashed potatoes inside, waiting to be discovered, and soaked in creamy sauce with subtle spinach scent.

Pizza – The highlight!

Temperate pizza at its best! A variety of Italian- and American-styled pizza is on the list. Pepperoni comes with semi-thin crust and piquant spicy pepperoni that one could not just get enough easily. Another must-try pan called 8 Cheese!! comprises the namesake number of cheese that perfectly blends into one another – say it’s the tenderest collision of cheeses.


Burgers are as well the main attractions of Lola’s wonderland. Lola’s in France, with the Wagyu beef patty capped with red wine jam, gives a new sentiment of burger that is somewhat sweet. Meanwhile, Lola’s in Italy with prosciutto and pesto on juicy Wagyu beef patter creates ambrosial flavor that is one-of-a-kind. Fries served with the burgers are already striking enough to make one’s day. There are more cheesy burgers on the menu that we wish we’d tried.


Sounding simple, but Lola’s special Dark Chocolate Mousse made of 70% dark chocolate, ornamented with candied orange and crispy pistachio taste matchless heavenly, and we wouldn’t recommend you missing this meltable paradise whatsoever.


There are 5 signatures cocktails to quench your late night thirst, all of which come in photogenic colors.

Soft Cuban is one with youthful flavors resembling days running around in a berry field thanks to playful character of Cuban rum, crème de mûre, fresh lemon, pineapple, blueberries, and adorned by cherry. The girlish glass is very easy to drink and is perfect as a refreshing one to start.

One Star perks the night up with Evan Willams bourbon and cinnamon-infused rum, zested by fresh lemon and apple juice. Piquancy from cinnamon and slight sweetness generate a unique character. Bolder and the rest in term of taste, it could be said that this is the only masculine cocktail among other signatures.

Fruity Polycat greets you with its sweet, peachy smell from the peach foam before it shows you a candied world garnished with flowers. Definitely, this is the glass for girls.

Modern Art is an eye-catching glass with lovely colors, and it is apparently ladies’ choice. Sweetness with a faint sourness is the flavor to expect from the glass rather than anything more experimental.

New York Memories sum up how Lola sees New York, with a clean and fresh taste that reminds people of Central Park in spring. The Beefeater dry gin being topped with ginger liqueur and Italian basil, a bit of spiciness makes a sunshine inside the glass.