Bangkok’s New Italian Restaurant in Ekkamai


Have you ever seen a journal that is not meant to be read, but instead, to be tasted? That is how Lola rolls! Upon your first step, you are really entering the diary of Lola, a lively girl from a countryside of Italy. The dainty decoration, the hanging images with a sense of pop-art, the girly stuffs – you are getting to know Lola better in every passing minute.

The eponymous Lola, a young woman who may or may not exist, has travelled all around the world and brought her favourite dishes to one resto right here in the Big Mango. Lola by Cocotte offers more than just pizzas, of course, which is to be expected because Lola's extensive travels definitely meant she tried more than just pizzas. However, Lola's pizzas are definitely top-notch.

A big fan of wandering, Lola loves jotting down recipes of the foods she’s tried, especially those in America and Italy. Now, it’s high time to share to the world what she is completely compelled by.